Metasploit The Metasploit project is a computer security project that provides data on security vulnerabilities and helps with penetration testing. It is owned by Rapid7, a US-based cyber security company. It is not just a single tool. This is a complete framework. It is a modular Ruby-based penetration testing platform that allows you to write, test and run exploit codes, it is flexible and very powerful, and it has many tools to perform various simple and complex tasks. The Metasploit Framework includes a set of tools that you can use to test security vulnerabilities, enumerate networks, execute attacks, and evade detection. At its core, the Metasploit Framework is a set of common tools that provide a complete environment for penetration testing and exploit development.

Access to MSFconsole

MSFconsole provides a command line interface to access and work with the Metasploit Framework. MSFconsole is the most common user interface used to work with the Metasploit Framework. This console allows you to perform tasks such as scanning targets, exploiting vulnerabilities, and collecting data.

Benefits of Penetration Testing Using Metasploit

open source One of the biggest reasons to use Metasploit is that Metasploit is open source and actively developed. Unlike many other pentesting tools, provides deep customization, giving pentesters full access to the source code and the ability to add custom modules. Smart Payload Generation Metasploit allows testers to easily change payloads using the setpayload command. This provides a lot of flexibility when trying to break into a system using shell-based access or Metasploit’s dynamic scripting tool. Testers can also use the MsfVenom program to generate shellcode for manual exploitation directly from the command line. Clean and stable outputs Metasploit is able to exit cleanly without detection, even if the target system is not expected to reboot after the penetration test. It also provides multiple options for achieving continuous access to a target system. Intuitive user interface Metasploit provides several easy-to-use GUIs, primarily Armitage. These graphical interfaces allow you to perform common penetration testing functions such as managing vulnerabilities and creating workspaces with the click of a button.

Who uses Metasploit?

With the wide variety of applications and open source availability that Metasploit offers, this framework is used by experts in development, security and operations for hackers. The framework is popular among hackers and readily available, making it an easy-to-install and reliable tool for security professionals to get familiar with even if they don’t need to use it.

Installing the Metasploit framework:

As an ethical hacker or a Pen-Tester, if you use Windows or a regular Linux distribution like Ubuntu. It is recommended to go for a penetration testing distribution like Kali-Linux or Parrot Security OS. Because these tools were already pre-installed with the distribution. We can also run it in a virtual environment. But if we want to install Metasploit as a separate tool, we can easily do it on systems running on Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. Click here to download.  

How works

After you have met Metasploit and understood what Metasploit is, the question arises as to how Metasploit works. To use all exploits, there is a predetermined method that is the same in all of them. In the first step, you should choose an Alexploit based on your goal Set the exploit options Choose the appropriate payload Set Payload options Run the exploit In the next step, the exploit is running and waiting for a connection. Now you have to communicate according to your exploit and payload, which is the output of things like malware and malicious links. Now you are done and you have found the access you need.


Like any other security tool, the Metasploit framework can be used both legally and illegally. Users are responsible for using the tool in a legal manner. In general, if you don’t have a contract with an organization that allows you to test a particular system, don’t use on it. Even during a certified penetration test, make sure you are using Metasploit within the scope approved by the customer and following the tool’s terms of use. Another thing to be aware of is that using Metasploit can produce unwanted results. Many exploits are designed to exploit buffer overflows, or other software vulnerabilities. These exploits are a risk because the vulnerabilities can destabilize the target system. Many exploits can lead to unexpected denial of service, application crashes, system reboots, and unexpected application behavior. Make sure the organization ordering the penetration test has an emergency response plan to prepare for these situations. Finally, consider that while Metasploit offers more than 2,000 exploits, these are only a fraction of the actual number of exploits available to attackers. Always consider the most relevant threats facing your customer or organization.   Main Page

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