Large dimensional printer scanner for dentistry and dentistry

Ask us for the best 3D printers and scanners, dentistry and dentistry.

This collection is proud to benefit from the valuable and successful experiences of recent years and cooperation with reputable European and Asian companies, and by having experienced and experienced personnel and observing quality standards, more rapidly than before, its position in the field of dentistry. , Dentistry and goldsmithing and… .. upgrade.

In this regard, with the aim of providing sales and after-sales services commensurate with the customer’s needs, it has introduced and presented premium products with quality to the target market.

Another subset of this organization is the digital section of Hermes Center. This section has a history of 70 years and has gone through many ups and downs along with the advances and developments in dentistry and dentistry until today using the latest methods of prosthesis production in Serve the community of respected dentists and dentists.

  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Sales of all digital dental and dental equipment
  • Order
  • Installation
  • after sales service

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