A quick look at the world today reveals the difference between the past and the present and the globalization of the economy. The information technology environment is the key to the survival and victory of a set over powerful and large opponents.
In order to properly understand our goals and converge of opinions and views, it is first necessary to point out a definition of the SMSBAN site strategy. SMSBAN site was established and considering the growing importance of applied fields of information technology and its very effective role in solving existing problems and challenges and in order to meet the needs of advertising and community information systems of this new market, the position of this Persian information system in In line with national authority and the development of the IT industry in the country and potential customers and services of Iranians around the world, this consortium was formed with the focus on the collection of Negin Tejarat Karvi Company.
We hope that with continuous and positive efforts, we will continue the path of development and promotion of the country’s IT industry, and in this regard, we extend our hand of cooperation to all our loved ones and experts in this industry, and we hope for more cooperation. .

Contact management: 100033355555

Website Support Office Mailing Address:

Isfahan – Kaveh St. – Bahonar St. – Espadana Saman Building – 2nd Floor – Unit 1


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