Internet outage and filtering

Internet outage and filtering

the important results of this survey is the identification of damage

Respondents said that changing communication platforms would ruin foreign parties and create suspicion among them, and may affect business with Iran.

“It explains how in a country even a messaging service like WhatsApp goes down and it shows the instability of the environment and disrupts business altogether,” they say. Even if businessmen show sympathy with foreign Iranians, this issue will not last forever.

Traders, the consequences of continued Internet interruption and filtering of messengers and social networks
have also announced in different parts of their activities.

The delay in seeing the message of foreign merchants causes differences in economic activities.

Internet outages and filtering destroyed the credibility of Iran’s economic activists
Internet outage and filtering

The continuation of this issue has caused financial damage to businesses.

After a survey of 40 economic activists

Dunyai Ekhtaz newspaper wrote in a report that more than 97 percent of the respondents

More than 67% stated that the disturbances caused this happened.

Most respondents use the Internet in the field of customer communication and sales network

After that, they also need the Internet in the field of business, marketing, intra-team communication, research and development, and production.

Out of 40 respondents, 39 answered the question

“Has the disruption caused by the Internet caused financial damage to your business?”
They answered positively that as a result 97.5% of the respondents were affected by internet restrictions.

This report shows that 50% of respondents to 30% suffered material damage due to this disorder.

5.22% between 30 and 50% and 27.5% more than 50% were injured due to Internet disorders.

In addition, 92.5% of the respondents stated that there is a continuous disruption in the Internet

Continuity of material damage

will follow for them and 45% confirmed that if the disruption continues, their business may be completely destroyed.

55% stated that their business has changed.

The result of this survey in response to what percentage of your communication with the sales chain is based on social networks

It showed that 52.5 percent of respondents were up to 30 percent, 12.5 percent were between 30 and 50 percent

For 35% of them, more than 50% of the communication with the sales chain is based on social networks.

Many businessmen have considered the delay in receiving documents, especially documents related to transportation, as the cause of damages that cannot be calculated.

Sometimes foreign customers have interpreted the delay in seeing the message as a disruption of the transaction.

Falling behind the time of delivery of work was another factor of loss that harmed the reputation of traders.

The conditions of those economic activists

Many traders are lagging behind their competitors and may be removed from the market because continuity and consecutive presence in the market is important.

Some of them have said about the possibility of being fined for foreign contracts.

It is most difficult to estimate the exact amount of damage for the business that suffered in marketing.

Economic institutions and activists in this field had said about the definite economic losses of the Internet and filtering on different sectors of the economy.

Such reports show that internet outages do not only affect the economic activities of the technology sector

Rather, all economic sectors, whether small or large, are not safe from the damage of these conditions

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