Objectives of doing SEO

Objectives of doing SEO

In short, we can say:

Objectives of doing SEO

Objectives of doing SEO Objectives of doing SEO
The goals of doing SEO have a great impact on website visits.
Brand is created.
Site traffic will increase.
It was ranked better in search engines.

Product sales will increase.
It is the best tool for advertising.
What is search engine optimization?

What is on-page SEO? (On Page SEO)

On-page SEO is related to the direct control of codes or the contents of your website, including text, images, links, etc.

In general, everything you upload on your site is related to On Page SEO.

This method is the foundation of all optimization efforts because it is where you have the most control.

Any changes you make in the contents of your site will affect the search results.

What is off-page SEO? (Off Page SEO)

These are all things that can help your site rank high.

What is white hat SEO? (White Hat)

In the technical terms of this field, white hat SEO is a set of techniques

It refers to the methods and strategies that follow the rules and guidelines of search engines.

This does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines or users in any way.

Or uses the correct guidelines and policies to get high rankings in search engine results.

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