XRAI Glass has developed augmented reality smart glasses that instantly translate conversations into text for deaf people to read.


These augmented reality smart glasses, which connect to a smartphone, are the first of their kind, according to its creator, and want to help deaf people with everyday communication.

These glasses instantly convert the sound into text and display it on the glass in front of the user.

The voice recognition software used for these glasses can even identify the person speaking.

XRAI Glass hopes to be able to translate different languages ​​in the future and provide this product to 70,000 people by 2023.

Smart glasses for deaf people

This company has published a video of this product in which a deaf woman uses it for the first time.

This person, named Diana, uses sign language to communicate with others, but is shocked when she sees the text of the conversations on the screen.

XRIA Glass CEO Dan Scharf says he’s proud of the technology they’ve developed:

“We are proud of the ability of this innovative technology to improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people.

These people can achieve their maximum potential with this technology.

“People can communicate with others by using these glasses while doing various tasks such as preparing food or walking with friends.”

The British company XRAI Glass has collaborated with Nreal to commercialize these glasses, and now public trials have begun. Using these tests, this company improves its product and learns from people.

These smart glasses for deaf people are sold at the price of 483 dollars and it is possible to buy them.

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